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Forage for farm animals

Compound feeds for KRS, horses, pigs, birds
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
4100 KZT
Wholesale: 80 USD from 50 t.
JSC Aziyaagrofud produces compound feeds on compoundings of the leading European, Russian and Kazakhstan scientifically research organizations, with full compliance with sanitary and hygienic and veterinary requirements. The line of compound feeds includes about 1000 names, allowing to...
Group: Combined feed for cattle
The dry (DDGS) granulated the bard
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
1.01 KZT(1.01 EUR)
Wholesale: 1.01 KZT(1.01 EUR) from 2 t.
   Dry bards showed researches of VNIIP and VNIIZh on entering into a food allowance: Laying hens – increase in a yaytsenoskost by 33,4% with improvement of indicators of quality of eggs KRS – replacement of 28-30% of a grain part of a diet dry bardy, increases average daily...
Group: Bard alcohol


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